Anonymous asked: Cat you ruined me i am reading fsasg for the 5th time and i STILL suffer from all of the feels make it stoppp



You are doing things right and apparently so is your anon!

Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm new to the fandom/tumblr. What are some accounts you like or people you talk to that I can follow? :)


Okie dokie.


2. I am honored you asked me this cause honestly I still feel kinda new here myself :)

3. Follow meepface pumpkinfrittata itssimplysam23 chelseawelseyknight sagewofia because they are lovely humans.

4. Follow queenhelbig neonmaroon ihartgrace that-sassy-sloth ohmyhelbig helbigtookmyhart sawsan-ff (gifs)  titsgrace hart-strings hart-no smellbig-and-two-harts carrotskoalasandbooze graciehlovestoblog chloehilly jameenicolee zhyan (gifs) itsmydrink (edits) fluffball14 harto-helbig-mames oakktree (fan art) hartbiggiesmells justkayokay (gifs) kiiwiikate  trinititties oopth-titsgrace allmyharto mametownhonu helbigobsessed some of my favorite mutuals.

5.Follow thatsgrace (gifs) daily-gr4ce (gifs) dailyharts ideologicallysinful rayyychuuuul caskett (gifs) holy-trinity-batman heckaharto howdoyoudoyou treasure-drops mckinnna (fan art, edits) snacksandbaileys trinitymemes (gifs) trinitytime trinitybuttz notsoholytrinity floormouth holyfictionity mamebig saengking (gifs) iitsgrace they are also blogs i love :)

Again welcome and sorry it took me a while to answer you anon!

Not tryin to brag but I’m the only one with 2 reasons in behind their name… Just saying, next level shit. hehehehe

Anonymous asked: *slids you 2 dollars* heard you got this thing called uh " McAnons I uh want in *slides on sunglasses* but ya didn't hear it from me



Was it my new muscle post? Hmm was it? Settle this bet for me.


Hi, hello, gracehelbig, make our wildest dreams come true? 


Hi, hello, gracehelbig, make our wildest dreams come true? 

Hi, hello, gracehelbig, make our wildest dreams come true? 

Hi, hello, gracehelbig, make our wildest dreams come true? 

Anonymous asked: Sooo I have a crush on you :3 Maybe one day I'll have the guts to come and say hi off anon but not tonight! Tonight I just wanna sit back and drink as a new McAnon!

Cheers, love! You’re welcome to come hang out anytime you’d like, welcome to Heaven :)


McAnons, where are youuuuuu? I know you’re out there. mckinnna is a fine piece of…beautiful lady. Let’s be respectful here. Let me know your feels.

OK HOLD UP ONE MINUTE. Just to fill everyone in, ideologicallysinful bet me that there would be a flood of McAnons and "hormonal storm" if I posted that last popeye picture. I disagreed, and the loser has to post something by the winner. Please ignore these 2 jokers and their posts. Carry on. 

Anonymous asked: What's your sexual orientation ? - a new McAnon

I’ve only ever been sexually attracted to people!  Kick back and have a drink, welcome to heaven, bae.


Hey gurl

The Holy Trinity + being cute

the smile i have plastered on my face from these 3 is why I’m in this fandom

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Anonymous asked: 1. I don't have a crush on mckinna 2. I don't have a crush on you either 3. Hannah hart is a cutie One and two where lies


Ohhhhhh SNAP. Hey there, friendly McAnon who is now also a KBanon? I just made that up. Is that a thing? Anyway, you’ve been added! Welcome to heaven!

Gabriel’s got game! And we gots a joker :) 

Anonymous asked: Kinda wanna do the dirty with Kin now .... :/


Ok, I’m sectioning off a place in McAnon heaven for all yall nasties. PARTY SECTION. Also FUN FACT: I definitely just typed “sextion”. So that was obviously meant to be.

….only people who know me call me Kin… 


Hey! Guys I won’t lie to you, I had not had much sleep when I filmed this, and it shows. But yo, as someone who is home alone a lot, I certainly have perfected my activity list over the years. I hope you find it as incredibly useful as I do.

Subscribe, and I’ll sleep more/less.

How are you so weird and yet so funny all at once!? Errbody watch this right now (thank me later) and then someone make me a gif of my shout out… 


holy mother of god, so much beauty

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It's the little things, added together, creating something better. The lil shit in life.

The Holy Trinity and their buddies are what you'll find here. If you're looking for serious ships you're in the wrong place but I do offer the shits and giggles.

"Make me laugh and I'll buy you a beer." --Me. I wrote that, just now.

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