Anonymous said: I fucking love you and hope so much the girls use your designs. Could you make a Harto tank top?

Anonymous said: eat sh*t beanies?! :3


This is cool

swikes said: wait if you have time you should make up an eat shit beanie but like one of those ones that looks like the bad hair day beanies so it's just black and with no poofy ball


Petition for mckinnna to become the official merch designer of one (or more) of the girls


can we all just tag and tweet Grace links to mckinnna's merch mocks up please because I need them in my life so she needs to see them.

Link to the merch idea’s page:

Anonymous said: We should actually create a petition for one of the girls (or all of them) to hire you and use some of your designs because they are AMAZING & I'm sure that many people would buy them, including myself :)

LOL, go start one then

saengking said: Your mock-ups are beautiful and I really wish they were real.

Excuse me while I fangirlThanks, I wish they were real too! 

letsgetreelistic said: You have the best trinity merch i have ever seen. All of it makes me very excited. They should hire you hands down

I like you :)

Anonymous said: you should make hannah merch too!!

Hi, you must be new here. Check these out

roseaann said: If you made the girl's merch I would be negative in my bank account because I love them all!

LOL, worry not then- I don’t make real merch

Anonymous said: can you please design itsgrace sweatpants because I have no talent





how do you do the thing to make the thing because this is a thing I need to own

I guess you could message gracehelbig or you could tweet her about this post?

Anonymous said: eat sh*t beanies?! :3


I just really want mckinnna to be the merch designer for the trinity. It’s all perfect.


Anonymous said: Hopefully people aren't driving you nuts with Grace merch design requests. With that said... lol... Can you please design a companion t-shirt to go along with her Eat Sh*t tote bag with the same font that says Eat Sh*rt ?


I want

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