Anonymous said: Aw, Kin. We've know each other since about the beginning of your T accnt. We used to talk, now not so much. I'm a woman & know more about you than you think. ...I think ;P


3 of 5

Anonymous said: Ok hun. #3 coming shortly. No pun intended. Or maybe....

 I’m 5’6” and that’s pretty normal so not a pun on my height. Wait, do you come prematurely? That’d be unfortunate… Now I have no idea. 

#2 or 5. (After 5 you have to tell me who you are.)

Anonymous said: Also, my mantra for you & your "people" is "Be safe & save a life." My flight nurse to be... Know who I am yet??

Don’t text and drive. Arrive alive. Click it or ticket. And my people? Who are my people? I have an ida maybe

Anonymous said: Ya know what? I DO wanna play. I've wanted to play with you for over a year. You know who I am. And I can be very fun Kin. Take a guess, will ya?

What are we playing?! I’m a super confused! I haven’t had tumblr for a year even, joker! And only my friends call me Kin…

Is this a guessing game that you invented? Lol. Ok, I’ll make a deal, I’ll publish up to 5 of your anons. Let the games begin. 

Wanna play?

Wanna play?

prazethetrinity said: So I totally had a dream that you had your own sketch in the NoFilter shows....

Do your dreams ever come true? Cause, I mean, I really REALLY want them too right about now….

Hey Grace, Han, and Mames, I hope you read this one… (psst, I’ll be at the Chicago show)

Order it now at!! #GracesGuide

Order it now at!! #GracesGuide

great nickname for your bae





bitch sauce

I call mine “baerrito”

I call mine Bae-braham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I call mine

Back off my bae, he’s mine

Anonymous said: this is a kinda weird question but if you're willing to share, how is the adoption process? i want to adopt my future kids and i'm afraid its going to be super complicated

I’d love to talk to you off anon about it? It is super complicated but it doesn’t even matter. It’s for a life of a little kid. Those two things are not comparable in my mind.  

riebart replied to your post: anonymous said:Is it weird that I…

1/80th of a second, roughly the typical shutter speed of a camera when using flash.

0.0125s: the time of your right atrium electrically sends the impulses to the heart muscle cells to start contracting that first “lub” in your “lub-dub” heart beat. 

Anonymous said: Is it weird that I am extremely excited at the thought of possibly seeing you at the NoFilter Show... If a stranger runs up to you and says hello, it me!

I will hug any gray 2d circle in sunglasses! 

Seriously, if you see me at NoFilter and wanna say hi, THEN COME SAY HI We can take selfies together! Just tell me who you are/url 0.0125seconds before you tackle me


Guess who just bought a ticket to the Chicago NoFilter Show? 




So this is a really cool thing that happened. mckinnna

This is awesome :D


So this is a really cool thing that happened. mckinnna

This is awesome :D

riebart said: I am Mckinnna . I have been Mckinnna for almost a year now, and I couldn't be happier. Before I was Mckinnna, I found that I was often disappointed with how colourless the world was, but now, everything is fantastic! I'm so much cooler now that I'm Mckinnna, and I can't imagine my life without being Mckinnna; it has completely changed my world. I highly recommend you try out being Mckinnna, you just might find you like it!




Welcome, McKinna! (Capitalize my “K” if you’re a real McKinna)

Can I be McKinna too?

Duh. Obviously everyone is ALREADY McKinna.


Anonymous said: NO. I AM MCKINNA.

Show me your muscles to prove it

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